The Book of the Breed


     The Japanese Spitz

origins - characteristics - standards- breeding




 The book has at last filled a real gap in monographs on rare dog 


 It is the first complete manual on the Japanese Spitz ever appeared 

  in Western countries.

  The valuable and comprehensive text of the book is

  accompanied by over 200 photographs, half of them in colour, 

  and by a number of excellent drawings which give the book a 

  particularly attractive layout.

 In-depth comments on the standards try to clarify some technical 

 specifications still under debate.

 A full chapter is dedicated to comparison with similar breeds

 (American Eskimo, German Spitz, Volpino Italiano, etc.).

 At the end of the book a useful appendix is also given, containing

 complete list (with genealogies) of the officially registered Japanese 

 Spitz specimens imported to Europe from Japan between 1967 and


 The bibliography includes over 30 references.

 This unique 236 page, hard cover, 15x23 cm book (a ZIELO 

  EDIZIONI publication) is a real "must read" for all spitz fanciers!   






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"THE JAPANESE SPITZ " (ISBN 88-85689-16-7)

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