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 The 12th of May 2004 was a memorable and exciting day !


 Two new puppies from Japan arrived at Milano Malpensa Airport 

 sent by our dear friends of the Nippon Spitz Club (NSC).


 The puppies are brother and sister from the same litter sired by

 NSC Gr.Ch. Qualtee of Star Murohoshi to dam Haruna of Nadeshiko 



 They are respectively our sixth and seventh direct import from 

 Japan :











 Now our house is even more cheered up by the lively presence of

 the new puppies. 

 They are both beautiful and adorable ! The quality also looks






 To our great satisfaction our older spitzen Asagi and Belle have  

 immediately accepted the new members of the family and life

 together of the four dogs at home has been so far the 

 best we could ever expect.

 In particular Asagi, the adult dominant male, confirmed his sweet

 nature of real good boy.

 He does keep his  rank  of leader however without any violence

 and doesn't show any  hostility towards the babies even when

 they,  like all children do, sometimes take too many liberties with

 the  "boss of  the pack".




















 We would like to renew from this web site our grateful thanks to Mr. 

 Takanori and Mrs. Eiko Toyoshi, to the  breeder of the puppies Mr.

 Hiroaki Iwasaki, to the top experts of the JS  breed Mr. Seiji Kishida

 and Mr. Shigeru  Shiba, and to all the other Hon. Members of the 

 Nippon Spitz Club (NSC) who offered their invaluable help and

 superior expertise for selecting the puppies, providing all required 

 certificates and documents, and organizing the shipment of the

 puppies to Europe.